Originally an engineering graduate from Imperial and Nottingham universities I have worked in F1 since 1999, for the Force India and Williams teams eventually as a Chief Engineer and now I am a consultant at the FIA principally involved in the development and application of the regulations relating to aerodynamics. I also still maintain some trackside engineering work outside of F1.

Aerodynamics and the management of fluid flows around the Power Unit and the car are two of the biggest laptime differentiators in F1 and the difference between winning and losing. F1 has been using CFD for more than 20 years but since 2009 restrictions have been placed on the amount of research that can be done and therefore the development rate of the car to constrain this aerodynamic arms race. The F1 teams have developed some creative solutions to getting the maximum out of the restrictions and recently, with the help of EPCC, the FIA and the teams introduced some new criteria.